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In this movie, I'll show you how Artboards and Rulers interact with each other inside Illustrator cs6.

I have saved my progress as Nice and
I'm going to once again switch to the Artboard tool, and then I'll bring up my Rulers by
going up to the View menu choosing Rulers and then choosing the Show Rulers Command. And what that does is it shows me about the Horizontal Ruler at up the top of the screen
and the Vertical Ruler over here on the left-hand side.
And we can see that the unit of measure is points and the reason we can see that is because
they're very dinky units.Illustrator cs6.
If you wanted to switch out the unit of measure the easiest option is to right-click on either
one of the Rulers, and then choose a different unit, such as Inches, and then both Rulers will update in kind.
Now notice this 00 point right there, so there is a 0 point for the Vertical Ruler, and there is a 0 point for the Horizontal Ruler.
I am going to go ahead and put a couple of guides at those locations by dragging out from the Vertical Ruler, and I am going to press the Shift key as I drag in order to.
Illustrator CS6 Tutorial Video
I have snapped into Alignment with 0 on the Horizontal Ruler, and I'll Shift-drag down
form the Horizontal Ruler in order to snap into Alignment with the 0 point there on the Vertical Ruler.
So that's our 00 point right now. Used to be the 00 point was at the upper left corner of the First Artboard but that was
before I went and made all of these Modifications.
The reason I am showing you this couple of reasons just want you to see, what's going on.
Artboard 10 is still selected and notice we're seeing this X and Y coordinates. And if I go ahead and change Reference Point to the upper left point there, then I'll see
Illustrator cs6. that the pages 24 is .25 inches to the right of and 8.92 inches down from that 00 point.
If I wanted to move this Artboard into alignment with the 00 point, I'd start by turning off
that move copy Artwork with Artboard Option, because I want to move just the Artboard let's
say, then I'll change the X value 0 and the Y value to 0 as well and that snaps it exactly into alignment.
Illustrator CS6 Tutorial Video Now press Ctrl+Z, or Command+Z, a couple of times in order to reinstate the position of
that Artboard because I say that's not what I want to do when I do want to do is I want
to go ahead and move the 00 point into exact alignment with the top left corner of Artboard 10.
Well one way to move the 00 point is to go ahead and drag from the upper left corner where the two Rulers intersect each other, and then you can just drop that 00 point in
the place, and now my 00 points right about there, as you can see, in the Horizontal and Vertical Rulers.
If you want to snap into alignment with an Artboard however, you just double-click on that point, and now notice the 00 point is aligned with the upper left corner of Artboard 10.
If I wanted to be aligned with the upper left of Artboard 1 instead, I'll go head and click
Illustrator cs6. on Artboard 1 and double-click on that Ruler Intersection Point up there in the upper left-hand corner.
Illustrator CS6 Tutorial Video
I don't need those Guides anymore.
So I'll go to the View menu choose Guides and then choose the Clear Guides command to get rid of them.
One more thing I wanted to know about Rulers when you're working inside the Artboard mode, you have what's known as Global Rulers which are aligned to all the Artboards. So in other words, we have 100 point, that's aligned to the upper left-hand corner of the
first Artboard and all the other tick marks are aligned to that point, regardless of which
of the artboards is selected. Compare that to the behavior when we're out of the Artboard mode, I am going to press the Escape key here in order to switch back to my black arrow tool.
And now notice that my 00 point appears at the upper left corner of Artboard 3 when Artboard 3 is active.
If I were to click on Artboard 2, then I'd switch 00 point to its upper left corner, and so on.
So each and every Artboard has its own independent Ruler System. That's the way it works in every application out there however you can switch this behavior
inside of Illustrator cs6.. By going up to the View menu Rulers Command, and then notice this guy change to Global
Rulers Ctrl+Alt+R, or Command+Opt+R on the Mac.
And that will go ahead and switch you to Uniform Global Ruler System regardless of which of the Artboards is selected.
So notice, I am clicking on different Artboards here and that is not changing the behavior

here inside Illustrator cs6..


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