Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial Video Introduction

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Adobe Illustrator Cs6 is used by artists and graphic designers to create scalable vector artwork for use in projects for both print and web. Artists use Illustrator for creating clean visual compositions that can be scaled infinitely without losing quality, creating freehand drawings and illustrations, tracing and re-coloring scanned-in artwork, and also creating wireframes from which to create digital paintings.

Designers use Illustrator cs6 for creating logos, icons and other complex shapes,  setting type for use in flyers, magazines and business cards, and creating web site mockups and graphics for use across multiple screens. Illustrator cs6 Tutorial isn't just limited to artists and designers though, many people use Illustrator for their projects, and it allows them to create visually compelling and flexible artwork like this.

Hello and welcome to Illustrator CS6 Essential Training. My name is Justin Seeley, and I'm a staff author here at I've been using Illustrator for nearly a decade, and it remains one of my favorite creative suite applications. We'll start off slow by covering the basics like creating documents for both print and web, and we'll dive headfirst into creating vector shapes like

rectangles, circles, and even some complex artwork using the Shape Builder tool.

Illustrator also integrates with other Adobe applications like InDesign for  print production and digital magazines.

Photoshop for use with Smart Filters, Flash for web animations and games or Adobe After Effects and Premiere for use in title sequences and video animation. Whether you're a graphic designer or an artist, Adobe Illustrator cs6 offers you a flexible way to deploy your creative vision to virtually any screen or substrate.


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