Video2brain – Photoshop CS6 Image Optimization Workshop

Posted by imkits On Saturday, August 11, 2012 2 comments
The core strength of Photoshop is the way it enables you to improve the quality of your images, whether you’re fixing a major problem or making a subtle adjustment. In this workshop Tim Grey explores a wide variety of techniques to help you get the best results when optimizing your images.

  Photoshop CS6 Image Optimization Workshop

 He begins with basics like cropping, changing brightness and contrast, and correcting color balance, then moves on to more advanced adjustments like Shadows/Highlights, Curves, and dodging and burning. You’ll learn how to make targeted adjustments that affect only selected parts of the image and apply creative adjustments that don’t so much fix a problem as add a unique touch. And best of all, Tim teaches all these techniques as part of an overall workflow designed to help you work quickly, efficiently, and nondestructively.

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